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Case Curriculum & Interview Prep

One of the most challenging aspects of becoming a consultant, is the case interview process. Each semester we have a Case Interview curriculum that covers different types of cases and interview questions. These weekly workshops will allow you to explore examples of different types of questions and learn how best to answer them. For those who attend the weekly workshops, there will be an opportunity to mock interview with industry professionals! 

Speaker Events &
Professional Networking Opportunities

We are a community of students very interested in the future of consulting and would love to meet you! Along with meeting new peers, you will have the opportunity to network with speakers from firms like Deloitte, PwC, and so many more! Speakers from many different backgrounds and journeys will share their experience and advice. Let FCG help you expand your network!

Case Competitions 

Every fall we host a case competition in partnership with UWN and Accenture! You will have the opportunity to work in teams of up to 6 people solving a case and presenting your solution and receiving feedback from UIC Business Faculty. The top teams will have the opportunity to present their solutions to Accenture teams! This is one example of how FCG has partnered with one of the country's most prestigious consulting firms to help bridge the gap between them and UIC students.

Become an Analyst for FCBC

FCBC is our our Chicago Business Consulting firm where we work with different organizations and complete consulting work for them. As an FCG member you can apply to be an analyst for the team and work to solve real world consulting questions and problems.

For $35 a semester or $50 a year, become a member today!